About Myself

A few words about me

Let me introduce myself

I was born in Bristol and have five brothers and sisters. I lived in London where I trained as a children’s nurse, then moved to Dublin for a few years. I am now based in Cardiff with my husband, with my children living close by. All of the family like to go out walking, and much of my inspiration for painting comes from the Welsh landscape. There is such variety here with stunning hills and valleys, woodlands and forests, pretty lakes and seascapes on the doorstep.

How it all began

Artists Statement…

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to paint, but it is only in the last few years that I have called myself an artist. I have been lucky enough to study under the mentorship of internationally renowned artist Trevor Waugh, who has taught me so much about the process of painting as well as how to look critically at my own work and that of the great artists.

I find increasingly that what interests me is the way light falls upon a subject. Moving the paint around is like working on a puzzle where slowly the subject begins to emerge, the process becomes increasingly absorbing as the painting develops. Although I plan my paintings I never really know how they will turn out and it is exciting to see the image reveal itself. I often find hours have slipped away while I’ve been engrossed in a painting, one of the biggest challenges is to decide when a painting is finished and stop fiddling with it.

I find inspiration in the nature all around, either from a wide dramatic vista, or from the way the light catches a tree. I love working with the thick texture of oil paints, and also with delicate unpredictable watercolours. I have so many ideas about what I want to paint, and I always believe that the next one will be my masterpiece.


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